Autumn term summary

Happy New Year! As we start 2014 in Year 2 we look back and celebrate all the achievements so far of the oldest children in Key Stage One.

They all worked hard last term and made so much progress, their attitude to learning is excellent and visitors and supply teachers always comment on this, as well as their good behaviour. We are particularly impressed with how well they are all reading. Thank you for all the support you give with reading at home and a very big thank you to the mums, dads and grandmas who come and read with the children in our daily reading sessions. It makes such a difference!

Our first topic of the year was “Fighting fit”. They found out about Mary Seacole, a nurse who helped the soldiers in the Crimean war. Having looked at artifacts from Mary’s trunk, we transformed the hall into the hospital at Scutari and spent an afternoon as wounded soldiers or the nurses and doctors who cared for them!

 Our “Fire” topic really captured their imagination, they have learnt many facts about The

Great Fire of London and found out about life in 1666. They now know so much that they have written their own information books about it! Our History off the page day in November was very enjoyable and informative and the children looked fantastic in their costumes.

Year 2 Cherry Blossom have been learning to play the ocarinas (Laurel’s turn this term) and before Christmas the Year 2 choir gave an impressive performance of the songs they have been practising.

We ended the term seeing our talented Year 2 children taking part in this year’s Christmas play “The Birds of Christmas Day”

Well done to everyone.