Bengeo Parents' Association

The BPA is a friendly and lively bunch of parents, teachers and school staff with lots of enthusiasm for fundraising and supporting the school.

All of our meetings are open to every parent to attend, to have their say, give their opinions and ideas, and to offer help and support the school. The meeting dates are listed below, texts and reminders are sent out. Ordinary meetings are usually held once per half term, depending on what events we have planned.

Planned events/fundraisers:

Quiz - 17th March
Bengeo Day - 2nd July
Circus - 8th October

Details to follow.

Fund-raising the easy way! 

We've re-launched our fund raising online shopping portal.

It's really easy to use - visit to register for an account (you will need an email address and a password).

Once logged on, you will need to find our cause, Bengeo Primary School Parents Association. (or go to Then either search for your online retailer of choice or click on the logo of the most popular retailers (e.g. Amazon, Argos, John Lewis etc.) You will then be directed to your online retailers website where you can continue to make your purchases just as you would have done. You will not incur any aditional charge but a small percentage of your purchase will be donated to the school.

There is also an easyfunding app you can download for free from the App store; which may be easier if you are using a mobile phone or tablet. (although you need iOS 7.1 or later)

By following these simple steps you will be able to raise money for the school just by doing the shopping you would have done anyway.

Please also remember that the online portal is not just for general shopping - larger purchases, such as holidays etc can also be bought through it and you can continue to use it throughout the year.


Thank you to everyone who continues to support the BPA in fundraising for Bengeo Primary School.

  1. BPA Newsletter March 2016