• What's on w/c 20/2/19..

    Year 6 Isle of Wight Trip
    Walk to School Week
    Monday - Y3/4 Tennis after school
    Tuesday - Y3/4 Tennis at lunch time
    Tuesday - Y3/4 Athletics training after school
    Tuesday - Y5/6 Girls cricket after school
    Weds - Y5 non-swimmers swimming
    Weds pm - Y4 Tennis competition
    Thursday - Elections - Nursery closed
    Friday - Sponsored Bounce
    Friday - A team of Chestnut girls are having a Charity Soap (hand-made) Sale after school at the Avenue gate.

First Aid

Unfortunately children are sometimes involved in accidents at school. Most of the time, this is dealt with in school, by a member of the support staff.

Simple cuts and grazes are washed. We don’t apply plasters unless it is essential to keep a large wound clean. We do not use antiseptic creams or wipes, just clean water and a sterile dressing to clean wounds. We often will give a child a small sterile ice pack to hold over a wound to ease the discomfort. For most injuries this is sufficient. Our support staff are very caring and always make sure that injuries are treated with a large dose of TLC.

If we feel the accident has been traumatic for the child, which is often the case with young children, or that the injury sustained needs more specialised treatment, we telephone for a parent or contact to come to school to assess the situation and to take the child home for more attention.

A medical form is routinely filled in when any accident is reported and if a head injury, a head bang form is issued. This is taken back to the teacher.

The class teacher then keeps an eye on the child and informs the parent/carer at collection time of the accident. Head bang forms are sent home, but ordinary accident forms remain in school.

If the injury is more serious and needs hospital attention, we telephone either parent or contact to come to the school immediately, if they are unavailable, we make arrangements for the child to be taken to hospital by ambulance and will meet the parent there. The Headteacher/ senior First aider  will always accompany the child if the parent hasn’t arrived at the school. If necessary the Headteacher will act in ‘loco parentis’ to ensure a child is treated appropriately at the hospital until a parent arrives.

Several members of staff have Paediatric First Aid qualifications, they are called upon to advise in the event of more serious injuries.

If a child falls ill whilst at school, we telephone the parent or contact [if the parents are unavailable] for the child to be taken home.

Children who have stomach upsets involving sickness and diahorrea should have 48 hours at home before they return to school. This equates to 2 clear nights without any symptoms.

If your child is absent from school due to illness, please notify the school by email http://absence@bengeo.herts.sch.uk or telephone the office on 01992 582765. When your child returns to school they should also have a note explaining their absence which can be filed in the register. 

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