House Points

 A victorious house celebratingA House System was introduced at Bengeo as we felt it would give real meaning to trying hard and thereby gaining points, where some children felt merit points were a bit meaningless.

House points could be used to create a real feeling of teamwork and give us some healthy competition with each other. It could also contribute to bringing together children across the Key Stages and bringing younger and older children together for different activities. Many of the staff had positive experiences of house points at their schools and after discussion at a staff meeting we decided to ‘go for it’.

Firstly though, we had to decide on team names.

I received an email around this time from one of our Governors, who had been contacted by a friend who was reading about Scott of the Antarctic and had discovered that in 1912 Bengeo School has sponsored one of the dogs for the Antarctic Expedition.

The dog was duly renamed Bengeo for the expedition. It is mentioned as a brave animal that kept going despite the atrocious conditions. The dog and indeed all the members of the expedition showed extreme courage in the face of adversity. Although they did not win the race to the South Pole, they proved their strength of character, courage and determination throughout the incredible ordeal.

On the 17th January this year 2012 we celebrated 100 years since they reached the Pole, only to find that Amundsen had beaten them to it.

We decided that the values shown by these explorers, their care and compassion for their colleagues, their courage and determination in their endeavours, could be the link we needed for our house names, hence they are  all named after intrepid explorers, travelers and adventurers.

Scott (Blue)

Earhart (Yellow)

Armstrong (Black)

Seacole (Red)

Pupils are allocated a House when they join Y1, this will be the same House as any brothers or sisters. 

There is a House Captain from Year 6 who serves half a term and whose responsibility, among other things, is to collect the house point scores at the end of each week.

There is a Head of House from the School’s Senior Leadership Team, whose classroom is also the House Home.  All teachers belong to a House except Mrs Purrett.

Points are earned through exemplary behaviour linked to the School Rules:

  • Stay focused on learning [determination]
  • Join in and have a go [courage]
  • Play sensibly and safely [care]
  • Treat our school, everyone and everything with respect [compassion]

The House with the most points at the end of each week will win a ribbon on the House Trophy.  The House with the most ribbons [and thereby points] by the end of the year will win a special day of fun activities.