We have nine classes in our Key Stage 2 building, two in each of the four year groups.  The children are aged from 7 years to 11.  The classes and teachers are as follows:

Year 3 (aged 7-8 years)

Chestnut Mrs Day (Mon, Tue)  
  Mrs Bartlam (Wed,Thu, Fri)  
Monkey Puzzle Miss Prank  

Year 4 (aged 8-9 years)

Willow Mrs Carter (Mon, Tues, Weds)   
  Ms Potts (Thurs, Fri)  
Oak Miss George  

Year 5 (aged 9-10 years)

Cedar Miss Rainbow  
Pine Miss Peters  
Rowan Mrs Pettifer  

Year 6 (aged 10-11 years)

Beech Miss Young  
Juniper Miss Freeman  

Each class also has a Teaching Assistant, usually only for the mornings.

KS2 is led by Ms Potts who is also the Deputy Headteacher.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

The Key Stage 2 curriculum differs from Key Stage 1 only in the addition of Modern Foreign Languages.  At Bengeo, we teach French from Year 3 to Year 6.  The core subjects of maths and English are taught every day (usually in the morning).  The other subjects are science (also a core subject), information & communication technology (ICT), history, geography, art, design & technology (D&T), physical education (PE), religious education (RE), music and personal, social and health education (PSHE).  The subjects are taught, as much as possible, through topics (eg. Space) as the linking of ideas & knowledge enhances meaning and understanding for the children.