Hertfordshire County Music Service employs highly qualified and experienced specialist teachers.  At Bengeo we can offer individual tuition in piano, violin, trumpet, trombone and guitar.  Lessons usually take place during school hours, at an allocated time.  We aim to provide high quality music education for our young instrumentalists.

Bengeo also runs an orchestra for children who have private music lessons.



Tuition fees are set in consultation with the Education Committee and are subject to annual review.  Current costs, from September 2018 to July 2019, are as follows:

30 minute individual lesson - £225

20 minute individual lesson - £150.33


30 minute shared (2 in group) - £112.75



 Tuition fees must be paid at the beginning of term on receipt of the invoice.

 The school sends accounts to parents at the beginning of each term.  Fees cover 11 lessons per term.  Even if it is not possible for 11 lessons to be given in a term, it will usually be the case that 33 can be given during the school year.  Adjustments to accounts can be made in exceptional circumstances, but this procedure is normally only adopted when the “give and take” arrangements cannot apply (for example, when a child starts lessons in the middle of a term).


 Pupils will need their own instrument.  It is essential that any instrument brought into school be adequately insured.  The school does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.  Our music teachers can offer informed and impartial advice on choosing, buying, hiring and insuring instruments. 


 The day of the lessons for each instrument is listed below and your child needs to bring in his/her instrument for the first lesson.

 MONDAY -                    VIOLIN

 TUESDAY -                   PIANO


 THURSDAY -                GUITAR

  FRIDAY -                      PIANO

Please complete the form available in the office, to put your child on the waiting list for music tuition.


 Teachers are required to maintain registers showing the number of lessons given.

 If our Music teachers are absent from school they “make good” any absences at a later date.  If a pupil is absent from school he/she forfeits the claim of an extra lesson.  In the case of a pupil’s medium term incapacity (eg. broken arm) every effort is made to adjust the teacher’s timetable.

 If a pupil forgets to bring an instrument in to school on the day of their lesson, we shall contact parents, wherever possible, to ask if the instrument can be brought in to school in time for the lesson.  However, we do not allow children to borrow or lend instruments so the lesson might have to be forfeited.


 Parents who wish to discontinue their children’s lessons at the end of a term are required to give notice in writing to the School Office no later than half term of the term concerned (or at the end of a previous term for a half term foreclosure), or to pay half a term’s fee in lieu of that notice.  Parents are asked to sign a declaration accepting this arrangement before tuition commences.



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