At Bengeo, our children take part in many sports. We have Netball & Football teams, we also compete in Table Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey etc.,

For information on our current matches and activities, please refer to our twice monthly 'Sport & Achievement' Bulletin.


Football & Netball Matches this season:

26.9.19  Wheatcroft Away

3.10.19 St Catherine's Away

10.10.19 Morgans at Home

17.10.19 St Mary's Away

24.10.19 Christchurch at Home


06.02.20 Wheatcroft at Home 

13.02.20 St Catherine's at Home

05.03.20 Morgans Away  

12.03.20 St Mary's at Home

19.03.20 Christchurch Away



  1. Primary Fair Play Charter