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Active learning

At Bengeo we believe that in order to learn and remember learning , lessons need to be engaging and fun. Children are encouraged to investigate and question, talk and demonstrate their learning throughout lessons. Active learning is encouraged wherever practical and possible but there are also times when children's lessons are structured in a more conventional way. Classes have class reading books which they read together outloud and discuss, we learn tables and number facts by rote once we understand the principles behind them. Each fortnight classes do 'Big Writing' where they write about a topic at length.We also use consistent cursive writing and encourage children to present their work neatly.

At Bengeo we try to combine the new thinking about how children learn with some of the tried and tested methods of the past. Each year we have a 'Curriculum Evening' for parents  where there is a chance to meet other parents  and we offer workshops about our different teaching methods. If you would like to know more about how we help our children to learn , look out for the date on the weekly bulletin. 


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