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Our Project with Mbrizi School Uganda

At Bengeo Primary School, at present, we aim to further develop our children’s understanding and knowledge of the world by finding out and comparing ourselves to a different country, researching information from atlases and books and creating links where we can. Although this brings about some understanding, we feel that this could be greatly enhanced. 


Our idea is for the whole school community to focus on a charity project in Uganda, linking with Mbrizi School [which is a similar size to us] and getting a real understanding of how children experience life in Uganda. We hope through this approach not only to improve the children’s knowledge of this part of the world, but also their understanding of how children in Uganda live and the many needs of Mbrizi School and to inspire within them a desire to make a difference.

Over the coming weeks there will be assemblies in both Key Stages and in classes about Uganda and particularly about Mbrizi School, children will be encouraged to research different aspects and we will be linking up with the school and the pupils to find out what exactly what we can do.

I have been inspired recently by the young cancer patient who has been in the news, and his philosophy of life not being determined by longevity but on the difference that you can make to others’ lives whilst alive.

As a school, I would like to think that we could also look at this philosophy and that our children could feel proud that we have made a difference somewhere in the world.

Mrs Purrett