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We provide a varied range of activities at Bengeo School for children of all ages. Some clubs run at lunchtime and some after school. Current clubs include football, textiles, art, dance and basketball, as well as lots of other sports and music based clubs and choirs . The list is constantly changing as we discover new activities for the children to enjoy. Although there is a charge for several of the clubs, we aim to keep this as low as possible so that the clubs can be accessible to all. 

As the clubs are so popular, they are often over-subscribed. Most clubs are run as a termly ‘block’ which usually lasts 10/12 weeks. Everyone is given the same opportunity to apply. Children are then allocated a place. If too many apply, children that are not given a place go on to a waiting list. They are then given the chance to join the club for the next block in preference to others that apply. Once a club is established, preference is also given to children who have not taken part before.