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School Nurse Service

 If parents would like to contact the school nurse they can do so by phoning the duty number: 01920 443793.  They can also do a self referral by accessing their website on at:

The School Health Service offers screening of height, weight, hearing and vision at age 5.

Height and weight checks have been introduced for Year 6 children.  Parents will have the option to opt out of this check if they wish to.  The whole idea of the School Health Service is that children may reach their full potential educationally and not be disadvantaged through ill-health.  Throughout the child’s school life, the school nurse responds to any parental concerns. She also provides information and advice on health matters within the school; the emphasis is always on promoting healthy lifestyles.

Routine Hearing Tests in School

As part of the School Health Service, the Community Audiology Team makes an annual visit to the school to test children’s hearing. This involves all new children to the school, all Year 5 children and any special referrals.  The child will be asked to play a listening game whilst wearing earphones.

If you do not wish your child to participate, please telephone 01438 781325 stating your child’s name, date of birth and school attended, together with your reason for not wishing your child to be tested.  It will also be helpful to inform the School Office.