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 School Uniform

Our uniform supports equality, looks smart and is practical. It is expected that children wear uniform in all years. The colours are navy, white and yellow, and items are available from Kids Connection Hertford ( or high street stores.

The Parents' Association have arranged a link with a number of label companies; orders put through them with our unique code, raises money for the school. Please follow the link:

We also have a stock of second hand uniform in school and regularly hold second hand uniform sales, for a cost of £1 per item.

All children with long hair are required to have it tied up at all times, with plain dark hair bands.

Formal Uniform

  • Navy skirts, pinafores, shorts or trousers
  • White polo shirts
  • Navy sweatshirt/sweatshirt cardigan with the school logo.
  • Navy/dark tights or socks.
  • Yellow and white checked or striped dresses/culottes (with white socks).
  • Sensible plain black trainers or shoes.

Sunhats and school bags bearing the school’s logo are available at Kids Connection along with a range of other optional items.

Nursery uniform

  • Navy shorts or joggers 
  • Navy sweatshirt with the school logo
  • White t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Trainers

Active uniform (for PE Days)

In addition to the above, children need appropriate clothes for PE and other indoor activities.

  • Navy shorts
  • Navy plain joggers
  • White t-shirt
  • Plain black trainers
  • Navy sweatshirt with logo
  • Navy or white socks

All items should be unbranded

Both the formal and active uniforms are gender-neutral. 

The children should wear formal school uniform every day, but can come into school in active uniform on the day they have PE.

Children should not wear jewellery to school. They are allowed to wear a watch and plain stud earrings. No jewellery should be worn in PE lessons.