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Teaching Staff Academic Year 2022/2023

Justine Page

  • (DSL) Designated Senior Lead for Child Protection
  • Staffing / Personnel / Finance / Premises / Curriculum
  • Strategic planning & monitoring
  • Standards
  • Safeguarding

Sarah Potts
Deputy Head
Y4 Willow Class Teacher - Mondays

  • Lower KS2 Leader
  • Years 3 & 4 Performance Management 
  • English Lead
  • Pupil Premium
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • Pupil Leadership
  • Pupil voice
  • (DDSP) Deputy designated senior person for child protection

Stuart Young

Assistant Head
Y6 Beech Class Teacher

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Upper Key Stage 2 lead
  • Maths Lead
  • Quality of Teaching & Learning (KS2)

Rebecca Walker
Inclusion Leader
Special Educational Needs

PPG Lead 

Cedar Class Teacher - Wednesdays

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Safeguarding
  • (DDSP) Deputy designated senior person for child protection
  • Pupil premium

Diana Guy
Y6 Juniper Class Teacher

  • Geography Lead

Megan Dymock
Y5 Cedar Class Teacher

  • ECT
  • School Council

Gemma Seal
Y5 Pine Class Teacher 


Andrew Woodhouse
Y4 Willow Class Teacher - Tues - Fri

  • Computing Lead

Nick Line 
Y4 Rowan Class Teacher

  • Art & Display Lead
  • PE Lead

James Barker
Y3 Monkey Puzzle Class Teacher

  • Science Lead

Sharon Day
Y3 Oak Class Teacher - Mon/Tues

  • PSHE (RSE) Lead

Jo Bartlam

Y3 Oak Class Teacher - Weds/Thurs/Fri

  • PSHE (RSE) Lead

Mel Burt
Y2 Laurel Class Teacher 

  • History Lead

Kara Fitzgerald
Y2 Laurel Class Teacher

  • History Lead

Jan Carter

Y2 Cherry Blossom

  • KS1 phase leader
  • Art & Display lead
  • PE lead

Helen Glover
Y1 Maple Class Teacher - Mon/Tues

  • History Lead

Michelle Laing
Y1 Maple Class Teacher - Weds-Fri

  • Religious Education Lead
  • BPA 

Eloise Cracknell
Y1 Holly Teacher

  • ECT

Jess Cato 
Reception Apple Class Teacher - Mon - Thurs

  • EYFS Lead
  • Music Lead
  • Outdoor Environment (EYFS)

Susan Norris
Reception Walnut Class Teacher

  • Maths Lead

Emma Burgoyne

Reception Apple Class Teacher - Friday


Denise Dalby
Nursery Teacher

  • D & T Lead

Jo Jocelyn
Pastoral Support Officer

(DDSP) Deputy designated senior person for child protection

Jemma Mason
Pastoral Support Assistant

Claire Holman
Sports Instructor (PE Lead)


Support Staff

Office Staff


Naomi Murray

School Business Manager

Chris Moore

HR Administrator

Rachel Ogier

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Kevin Hennessy

Foundation Stage Practitioners


Sonja Spragg

Annette Jordan

Jemma Chandler

Amy Gray

Laura Jones

Helen Carroll 



Teaching Assistants


Helen Gallagher

Kim Morris

Elaine Cawsey/Nicola Camp


Sarah Gates

Megan Fentiman


Jo Manlove

Lucy Ladbrook

Pat Betts


Debbie Clarke



Learning Support Assistants


Elaine Cawsey,  Kirsty Brown, Gerry Betts, Ale Magee, Jennie Whitehead, Nicola Camp, Jessie Young, Denise Folwell


Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSA)


Veronica Pearce (Foundation/KS1 Supervisor)
Sarah Gates
Denise Folwell
Kim Morris
Kim Jessop


Gerry Betts (KS2 Supervisor)
Gina Pearce
Lisa Bentley
Patt Betts
Helen Gallagher
Laura Fox

Mandy White