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Teaching Staff Academic Year 2024/2025

Justine Page

  • Strategic overview of whole school operations
  • (DSL) Designated Senior Lead for Child Protection
  • Staffing / Personnel / Finance / Premises / Curriculum
  • Communication
  • Strategic planning & monitoring
  • Standards
  • Safeguarding
  • Attendance

Sarah Potts
Deputy Head

  • English Lead
  • Pupil Premium
  • Teaching, Learning & Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Pupil voice
  • (DDSL) Deputy Designated Senior Leader for Child Protection

Stuart Young

Assistant Head
Y6 Beech Class Teacher

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Upper Key Stage 2 lead
  • Maths Lead
  • Quality of Teaching & Learning (KS2)
  • Pupil leadership
  • (DDSL) Deputy Designated Senior Leader for Child Protection

Rebecca Walker


  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Strategic overview of SEND
  • Pastoral
  • Safeguarding
  • (DDSL) Deputy Designated Senior Leader for Child Protection
  • Pupil premium
  • Designated teacher for looked after children

Diana Guy
Y6 Juniper Class Teacher

  • Geography Lead
  • Outdoor learning

Nick Line
Y5 Cedar Class Teacher

  • MFL lead

Gemma Seal
Y5 Pine Class Teacher 

  • Music lead

Andrew Woodhouse
Y4 Willow Class Teacher - Tues - Fri

  • Lower KS2 phase lead
  • Computing Lead

Jess Smith
Y4 Rowan Class Teacher

  • DT lead

Megan Dymock
Y3 Monkey Puzzle Class Teacher

  • Science lead

Helen Glover
Y3 Oak Class Teacher - Mon/Tues

  • RE lead
  • Collective worship/Assembly

Clare Dove

Y3 Oak Class Teacher - Weds/Thurs/Fri

  • RE lead
  • Collective worship/Assembly

Mel Burt
Y2 Laurel Class Teacher 

  • History Lead
  • Staff Induction

Kara Fitzgerald
Y2 Laurel Class Teacher

  • History Lead

Jan Carter

Y2 Cherry Blossom

  • KS1 phase leader
  • Art & Display lead
  • Sport

Abbie Walton
Y1 Maple Class Teacher 

  • ECT

Amy Law
Y1 Holly Teacher

  • Science
  • Outdoor learning

Jess Cato 
Reception Apple Class Teacher - Mon - Thurs

  • EYFS lead
  • Phonics lead
  • Outdoor Environment (EYFS)

Elouise Cracknell
Reception Walnut Class Teacher

  • ECT

Emma Burgoyne

Reception Apple Class Teacher - Friday


Michelle Laing
Nursery Teacher - Thurs/Fri

  • PSHE/RSE lead

Jo Bartlam 

Nursery Teacher - Mon/Tues/Weds

  • PSHE/RSE lead
  • Modeshift

Hannah Bennett

PPA Cover

  • PE & Forest School lead

Jodie Peters

PPA Cover

  • Maths lead

Pastoral Team


Jo Jocelyn

  • Pastoral Support lead
  • Attendance
  • Mental Health Lead
  • (DDSL) Deputy Designated Senior Lead for Child Protection

Jemma Mason

  • Pastoral Support Assistant

Support Staff

Office Staff


Naomi Murray

School Business Manager

Chris Moore


Rachel Ogier

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Kevin Hennessy

Foundation Stage Teaching & Learning Assistants

Sonja Spragg

Annette Jordan

Jemma Chandler

Amy Gray

Laura Jones

Helen Carroll 

Kerry Langley

Gerry Betts

Denise Folwell


Teaching & Learning Assistants KS1


Helen Gallagher

Kim Morris

Elaine Cawsey

Sarah Gates

Gerry Betts

James Lincoln (Sports Apprentice)

Megan Morton


Teaching & Learning Assistants LKS2

Jo Manlove

Kirsty Brown

Ale Magee

Pat Betts

Kate Reaney

Maria Aciyan

Teaching & Learning Assistants UKS2


Nicola Camp

Vicky Smith

Debbie Clarke

Lucy Ladbrook

Rachelle Hills


Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSA)

  • Veronica Pearce (Supervisor)
  • Sarah Gates
  • Denise Folwell
  • Kim Jessop
  • Elaine Cawsey
  • Kate Reaney
  • Lucy Ladbrook
  • Rachelle Hills
  • Lisa Bentley
  • Patt Betts
  • Helen Gallagher
  • Laura Fox
  • Mandy White
  • Caroline Thrower
  • Vicky Smith