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During the first few weeks of the Autumn term parents are invited to a welcome meeting to meet their child's new teacher(s). Information is shared about the school and the curriculum and there is an opportunity to ask questions. Consultation Evenings take place during the Autumn and Spring terms when time is set aside for you to talk about your child's work and progress. There is also an Open Evening in the Summer term which is an opportunity to tour classrooms and meet their new teacher.

If you have any problems regarding your child's school life please approach your child's class teacher in the first instance.  The teachers are the people who know your child best and all our teachers are very approachable.  First thing in the morning is not ideal, but most teachers will be happy to see you after school.  Please avoid Staff Meeting days (after school on Tuesdays during the first half of term, and Wednesday during the second half of term).  Most concerns can be resolved very quickly and effectively using this route.

There is a monthly Head Teacher's newsletter (News on the 9th!) which is distributed by email; paper copies are available from the office.  It is also published on our School web site. A Sports & Achievement Bulletin is published approx. every half term and again is emailed, as well as being published on the website. Copies of these and other information are displayed on the notice board outside the School Office. We also have a school facebook page - the logo is the profile picture - this provides information, reminders and lets you know what's happening in school. We share a reminder of  'What's on Next Week?' on Facebook.