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Curriculum Maps

This folder contains an overview of subjects that children will be learning across the year in science, computing and foundation subjects (history, geography, religous education, physical education, art, music and design & technology).

Subject Coverage

This contains more detailed planning for each subject that your child/ren will be learning over the course of the year. Objectives are taken from the National Curriculum and form the essential knowledge that children need to learn.

Knowledge Mats

These contain objectives that your children will be assessed against during the year. These objectives are referred to as 'sticky knowledge' as they need to be committed to children's working memories in order for their knowledge to build over time.

Maths and English Objectives

Learning objectives for these core subjects can be found in 'Maths and English objectives' folder.  These objectives are taught throughout the course of the year and form the basis of assessment.


We use the Ruth Miskin 'Read, Write Inc scheme to teach phonics and reading in EYFS & KS1. Should you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please take a look at or speak with your class teacher.


We use the Jigsaw scheme to teach all of our Personal, Social, Health and Emotional objectives. This includes the statutory guidance for relationships and health education for primary schools.

If you would like more information about the curriculum, please ask your class teacher who would be happy to provide this information.