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School Council

The role of the School Council is to build children’s confidence and self-esteem as representatives of not only their class, but also the school. By taking a lead in the decision making children develop their ability to take responsibility and lead others. In addition, it develops the children’s capacity to listen and work collaboratively with children as well as adults. Finally, it provides a sense of belonging for the children as they feel they have some influence over their surroundings.

The School Council is elected at the start of the Autumn term each year (from Years 1-6). You can only be elected to the role once, which ensures that as many children as possible get their opportunity throughout their time at Bengeo. It introduces the students to the process of elections as the candidates have to prepare a speech to explain why they should be chosen, whilst the rest of the children have to decide who to vote for.

Once elected the children are provided with a badge that they should wear at all times as they are the representatives for their class. This means that if the children have any issues they wish to raise - such as areas of the school that they think need sprucing up, or ideas of what they think could be done to improve the school - they approach their class School Councillors who raise the issue at a meeting. Within meetings the School Council discuss proposals with adults and work out which issues they wish to pursue and how they can tackle them most effectively.

The School council take on an active role in fundraising each term, for causes such as 'Essex & Herts Air Ambulance', 'The Rainbow Trust' & 'Mudlarks'. They also represent the school at the Hertford Castle Remembrance Service and at have also attended local council meetings.

In the past the School Council have led the development of a more inviting playground area in KS1 & 2, helped the school to become more environmentally friendly and have recently made a presentation to some local councillors and the Mayor in an attempt to create a safer environment for people to walk to and from school.